the app for couples

it's free and totally private – stay in touch, go deeper, be encouraged, have fun and more!   if you are dating, in a relationship or married, this is the app for you!



Totally Private

Uses strong encryption to protect your content. And there's an Extra Privacy Mode if you want even more peace of mind.

Only for two

togethr is built for your most important relationship, whether you're dating or married. It connects you and your loved one, exclusively.

Grow together

Designed to help you where you are right now, becomes even more helpful the more you use it. togethr brings you together!

Keep in touch

Chat and express yourself with shortcuts for emoji smileys, feelings and needs

Stay in sync

Whether you're planning a special event or even just the shopping, Shared Lists keep you organised with each other

Be encouraged

Collect your favourite messages, find out what your partner likes about you and how you can please them

a married couple quiz question on anger, framed by a phone

Your Personal Assistant

Reminders for important dates, suggestions for dates, gifts, special deals, and relationship help

Go deeper

Features to help you open up, with innovative quizzes to find out what makes you both tick

Have fun!

Achieve badges, read, watch & share engaging content, fun quizzes; you can be open about your desires

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